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Erin Brubacher book of poems "In The Small Hours" available at Easy Tiger Toronto

Erin Brubacher

In The Small Hours


Sometimes, knowing a person is
home, preparing a salad, helps.

"This debut collection of poems records the unanticipated images that crystallize as we contemplate the state of our lives in the small hours of the day. Inspired by the economy of the Western ghazal form, Erin Brubacher’s sparse poems chronicle the aftermath of a marriage and the many seemingly minor encounters which bring clarity, levity and a sense of pathos to our days."
In the small hours was published by Gaspereau Press

Erin Brubacher is a director and multidisciplinary artist who works with people, mostly through strategies of performance, photography and theatre. She has lived in ten cities; her peripatetic practice is now based in Toronto.