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Tuza is a Mexican brand based out of New York and Mexico City. From the beginning, it has worked tirelessly to go against the grain and be a part of the female empowerment movement by creating a community. The world is our demographic and through out the last four years within the industry Founder and Creative Director, Suzzan Atala has started to expand into other realms of design such as handbags and clothing. Tuza has become one of the most sustainable and ethical brands of it’s kind by maintaining a made to order model in its workshop in the heart of Mexico City. As an outcome they’ve been able to create jobs for raisins and support local suppliers.

Each Tuza piece is handmade and assembled in the Tuza Mexico City workshop by a team of highly skilled jewellers using the highest quality sterling silver, with the option to plate in yellow gold or rose gold.

With Mexico City being the birthplace and home of founder, Suzzan Atala, creating jobs in Mexico City was a very important part of the birth of the Tuza brand. Tuza is able to provide fair pay to the jewelers, artisans and craftsmen (& women!) of Mexico City.

Every season, Tuza donates a portion of proceeds to female led organisations. Tuza has donated to Planned Parenthood and Justice Associate (JASS), an organization dedicated to empowering women to lead in ght against political, economic, environmental and health crisis across the world